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An uncontested divorce might not be as difficult for the couple going through it but it still comes with it's own unique challenges. Our attorneys are skilled in family law and will protect your rights and interests throughout the process. We understand the emotional difficulties involved in divorce and will ensure a fair settlement.

If you need a Dearborn uncontested divorce attorney, we can help. At Clarity Family Law, we handle both contested and uncontested divorces in Wayne County.

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Our experienced Dearborn family attorneys will provide comprehensive legal representation and work to get the best outcome for your case. We will assist you with all the necessary paperwork and help you create a marital settlement agreement that meets your needs.

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How Does an Uncontested Divorce Work?

An uncontested divorce is a collaborative divorce where both spouses agree on everything, like property division and child custody of minor children, without going to court. It's called a "no-fault" divorce because there's no dispute and is an amicable divorce.

To start uncontested divorce proceedings in Dearborn, couples file a joint divorce complaint petition. They need to document their finances to agree on property division. If they need help, they can consult a Dearborn uncontested divorce lawyer.

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Once they agree on a divorce settlement, the judge reviews and signs off on the judgment of divorce. If both agree, the judge approves the settlement, and the divorce is finalized during the mandatory waiting period without a lengthy court process.

An uncontested divorce is less stressful and expensive than a contested divorce since there's no fight over custody or assets as in a contested divorce matter.

Advantages of Getting an Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is a process where the spouses agree on all issues related to their divorce, such as division of assets and debts, child custody and support, alimony, etc. Here are some advantages of an uncontested divorce:

  1. Quicker Resolution: Uncontested divorces typically take less time to resolve than contested divorces. This can be beneficial if the parties want to move on with their lives quickly.
  2. Less Stressful: Uncontested divorces usually involve less conflict since both parties have agreed to the terms of the divorce. This can be beneficial for both parties as it can reduce stress and anxiety related to the divorce process.
  3. Cost-Effective: Uncontested divorces are typically less expensive than contested divorces because they require less court time and legal fees. This can be beneficial for couples who are trying to save money in the divorce process.
  4. More Control: Uncontested divorces allow both parties to have more control over the outcome of their divorce since they can work out an agreement that works for both of them. This can be beneficial if the parties want to avoid a judge making decisions for them.
  5. More Privacy: Uncontested divorces are typically more private than contested divorces since there is no need to go to court or make any public statements. This can be beneficial for couples who want to keep the details of their divorce private.
  6. Less Risky: Uncontested divorces are less risky than contested divorces since both parties have agreed to the terms of the divorce. This can be beneficial if the parties want to avoid a long and drawn-out court process.

What is the Michigan Uncontested Divorce Process?

Uncontested divorces require a mutual agreement on all aspects of the divorce, including division of assets and liabilities, real estate, marital property, alimony or spousal support, and child custody and support. Both parties must sign and file a joint petition for divorce with the court in their county of residence.

The petition must include an affidavit of consent, a marital settlement agreement, and other necessary legal documents. After all, the initial paperwork documents are filed, the court will review them and issue a final judgment of dissolution if approved.

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It is important to note that uncontested divorces can become contested if either party has a change in circumstances, or if one spouse does not agree with the terms of the divorce. If this happens, couples may have to attend a hearing to resolve the issues. It is important to seek experienced legal counsel advice if any of these issues arise during the divorce process.

How Long Does an Uncontested Divorce Take in Michigan?

An uncontested divorce in Michigan takes at least 90 days to complete. The timeframe can vary, however, depending on the county in which the divorce is filed. An uncontested divorce is one where both parties can agree on issues such as the division of assets, child custody and support, and spousal support. If there are any contested issues, it could take longer for the court to issue a final judgment of dissolution.

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For more information about uncontested divorces in Michigan, contact an experienced Dearborn uncontested divorce lawyer today. An attorney can help guide you through the process and ensure that your rights are protected during the proceedings.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce

When going through an uncontested divorce, it is important to make sure you are working with a reliable and experienced lawyer who can help ensure the best outcome for you and your family.

Clarity Family Law in Dearborn is an excellent option for those looking for an uncontested divorce attorney. Our team of experienced lawyers has extensive knowledge and experience in divorce law, allowing them to provide comprehensive advice and guidance throughout the process.

We work with clients to understand their individual needs and goals and provide creative solutions to help them reach the best possible outcome in their uncontested divorce. Whether you are looking for assistance with proper document preparation, navigating the divorce decree legal system, or negotiating a traditional divorce settlement agreement, Clarity Family Law can provide the support and guidance you need.

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